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You know those old photos you uncover of you Dad back in the 1970s? Wearing colourful velvet jackets and with hair more long, luscious and shiny than yours has ever been? Yep, that was pretty much the inspiration for this look. Well, that and that when I wore this it was 35 degrees in rural France - as opposed to where I'm writing it up in Newcastle!

I nicked these glasses off my mum because she is cooler than me and I liked how they framed my face. I find shopping for any sort of glasses exhausting as my nose tends to sabotage whatever I think might look good, so I recommend CrossEyes for anyone who is looking!

I thought the slightly looser fit of the shirt did the ahem, somewhat provocative, nature of the bell bottoms justice by balancing it out.

V flattering, as you can see. Now, here below is a little tip for anyone who loves the prints of the 1970s but is put off by those signature MONSTER pointy collars. It won't work with all fabrics but lighter ones such as cotton are contenders. Tie the points of your collar in a bow around your neck to update the shirt. Gets rid of the collar and looks surprisingly sweet!

If you're loving the paisley look, I would love for you to check out the selection on Trendlistr. I personally love this Joan Holloway inspired dress, and this Neiman Marcus original vintage dress with matching silk belt/scarf.

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