Coral Crush


I've had this 1950s coral lace dress for many years. In fact, I remembered dressing up one of my classmates in it when we were 15 and taking pictures of her - it looks amazing with her darker skin tone.I kept hold of it because I loved the ruffled neckline and the elegant, tight fit but have never managed to wear it until just now!

Given the ultra feminine fashion revival that has happened over summer, the v-neck, flattering small waistline and ruffled detailing made it weirdly on trend for a garment that was produced over half a century ago!

I paired it with a tacky vintage necklace of plastic beads. I like how the colours inspired by semi precious stones worked with the coral and were lifted by the cream lining of the dress. I did have to tie the necklace in a knot as it was quite a long chain which I think looks pretty horrendous when it's battling for attention wit a low neckline!

This picture gives you a better idea of the fit of the dress overall, with a hemline that just touches the top of my feet. It's fairly restrictive, so whilst it' a lovely dress for drinks where you remain standing, you certainly couldn't go for pizza in it...

If you're enjoying the coral color do check out this brooch and scarf I have for sale - a more understated way to wear the colour that will see you well into winter.

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