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The Colour Group Great Britain Northern Chapter organised a guided tour of the Virginia Bodman exhibition currently on show at the Customs House Gallery in South Shields for its' members. If you would like to join the Colour Group and be entitled to join our events for free nationwide, click here.

The exhibition is entitled 'Studio Stories' and features works spanning a range of years and styles by the painter. Although she was sadly unable to join us for the talk, we were given a tour by the in-house education officer, where she explained that much of Virginia's work is built upon photographic or video content, reworked and reinterpreted into a 2D canvas.

I thought it was very interestding that she works from images projected by an overhead projector. It reminded me of those big, bulky machines at school! It gave an impressionistic style to her forest landscapes. They really looked so perfectly composed as a result of the tracing, given further depth with the surprising colour combinations.

The textural layers of paint just looked amazing, I wanted to run my hands all over them!

Much of the work is rooted in her disillusionment with land inheritance traditions, her frustration at not being able to inherit her father's farm (she has 5 brothers) is reworked into a feminisation of the landscape. Landscapes are painted in an abstract expressionist style and layered in pink paints with pools of glitter in unexpected places. Enjoy scrolling and feast your eyes, but I am warning you now, you will want to get some paint out and start splodging it about after this....

If you want to see more of Virginia's work, you can check out her website here.

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