The World Needs Another Women In Biz Podcast...


I can't remember a time when my big mouth didn't get me into trouble. I have a horrific tendency to over-share, especially where comic value is concerned, and will basically go to any lengths to make people laugh. Perversely, I'm especially prone to doing this around strangers or vague acquaintances, who end up hearing about that time when I was 15 and I got sick on my shoes before an exam, finished early, and had to walk all the way out of the (very long) exam hall with my shoes gluing to the floor, despite barely even knowing my name.

Still, social media has made it more acceptable to be an over-sharer - personal life is now a loosely defined term, and if you're a girl, you will know that the level of high-octane gossip flying around any sort of establishment where more than two of us exist at any one time is rivalled only by our impressive ability to be passive aggressive towards each other. Perhaps oversharing, or being too loud, or extroverted, or telling funny and embarrassing stories for the sake of winning friends is not something that has to be negative.

There's something refreshing about someone being both vulnerable, and openly willing to poke fun at themselves when many people take themselves far too seriously (self styled 'entrepreneurs' of the pyramid schemes, I'm looking at you) and this got me thinking...

I'm starting a podcast!

A talented friend from Brussels recently started a student radio show with two of his friends showcasing the best Latino music with funny interjections about news stories and shout-outs, and it seemed like a lot of fun.

I have been toying with the idea of a podcast for months now, in fact, back in November before I went into hospital I actually recorded one just introducing myself and my business idea (embarrassing, trust me) just to see if the soft+hardware I had available gave me good enough quality to move forward with the concept.

Since then, I came back to the idea, decided on a hilarious name, and spoke to my best friend about it. She loved the idea and just said 'sign me up'!

More details coming soon, but I would love to hear about what you think of this:

  • Do you listen to any podcasts regularly? If so, which ones?
  • What would you like to hear on a podcast about women in business?

You can find me here:

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As always, thanks for reading and make sure you leave any comments you have below!

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