Sleepwear Is The New Everything


All images in this article are shot and edited by Marion Botella.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but sleepwear/underwear as outerwear is... everywhere, and a natural continuation of that is the return of the kimono as jacket. That was an awful sentence I'm sorry. I've been obsessed with vintage kimonos and long, sweeping babydoll nighties with marabou trim hems and sleeves for as long as I can remember, so I'm really glad that this trend has popped up.

It all feels very Lana Del Rey, plotting to kill her rich husband in a 5 star hotel room in South Beach. 

I had to include some images from Pinterest of other people really working this trend. I don't think I nailed it to be honest, this stunning vintage kimono is beautiful, but it's not as floaty as others and still feels more like a coat than a light layer to throw over something else (that's probably for the best given how bad the weather has gotten recently!)

I thought it would be fun to pair such a traditional looking garment with a very casual red ribbed t-shirt and vintage scarf with a strong graphic monochromatic print by Raoul Dufy for Bianchini Ferrier.

I paired it with this amazing navy pleated a-line skirt, it's a vintage Italian piece and in stunning condition still. It will be coming up for sale on TrendLisr shortly! I basically just enjoyed how swishy it was, it had a slight New Look by Dior vibe. 

I really hate the plcement of that drain. Really ruins my shots!

The shoes are just pointy kitten heels from New Look. Thy are red suedette and I'm sure that the first time I wear them out properly they will become so scuffed they turn black.

What do you think of this new trend? Should sleepwear inspired kimonos be a part of our everyday wardrobe? Leave a comment below!

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