Retro Reds


I'm always a bit wary of certain typically 'vintage' prints. They can feel predictible, old fashioned perhaps. The real fun is in taking classic shapes and patterns and wearing them in a way that could even be called (gasp) modern.

I took this peasant style cotton skirt in a very girly shape (slight flare out at the hem) and modest length and paired it with a 1940s pure silk polka dot blouse. By wrapping the blouse at the front, and flinging the pussy bow back behind my shoulders like a windswept scarf, I think I saved it from looking dull and predictable.

My shoes are black suede and leather Kate Kuba mules. Ladylike, and perhaps a little too preppy. But they are also the comfiest heels I own, which makes them great for scaling my (very hilly) neighbourhood.

I need some new sunglasses. If you have any recommendations write them below! I bought these for £5 at one of the Affordable Vintage Fairs but they've worn quickly (oops, no surprise there)...

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