Is It Summer Yet?


Well, I can answer that with a firm NO. It's so cold, grey and drizzly up here, and I'm just thankful that I can do my job in the toasty warm, in my own bedroom, and stay cosy. The other day however, I did indulge in a bit of floaty, flowery vintage prettiness to try and lift my spirits. Don't be fooled though, I was cold.

This vintage maxi skirt gives me all the feelings. Not only is it mint green, a colour I really love against my pale skin and my reddish hair, but it contains such a plethora of patterns and pink tones as well! It's got a non-elasticated waistband which isn't great, but as long as I didn't sit down I would be fine...

Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

The top is loose, draped from ASOS. I know that you're 'not meant to do volume twice' in one outfit, but the off the shoulder sexiness saves this from looking too saggy and baggy. In my humble opinion.

These shoes are the best but are going to get sold on TrendListr because... I can't keep them on! They are green patent leather mouse mules by Marc Jacobs. Adorable, but impractical. I always get that awkward foot cramp when I wear backless shoes for too long, and it's not a great feeling.

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