Vintage Vixen Fair


A couple of weeks ago I attended the Vintage Vixen Fair held at The Park Hotel in Tynemouth. It was organised by (another!) girl called Lou, who is the definition of strong woman - single mother, healthcare worker and always looking immaculately, impressioningly pin-up like. 

It was the first event she had ever organised and I know that she was nervous about it. But I'm so pleased to be able to say that she completely pulled it off (and no, I wasn't paid to be there or cover this!). Not only did she manage to fill the room, but I spoke to almost each and every seller and they all agreed that it was the best vintage fair they had ever done in Newcastle, if not ever!

Sellers had a variety of wares, from clothing to crafts, and the friendly atmosphere, all day entertainment from talented 60s style singers, and bustling energy really lifted the room.

I nearly bought this amazing Kangaroo fur bag before realising I didn't have any cash (boo!)

I did collect some business cards and postcards to remember the stalls, but of course I have misplaced them - so if you spot your stand on this blog post just leave a comment and I'll be sure to link to your website!

One of the stallholders had some amazing novelty bags from the 50s and 60s.
They would be useless for me, because even just my wallet and phone wouldn't fit....

Fur beauties!

There was a lot of bling. It was hard to resist, I've been going through a real phase of buying dangly earrings at the moment...

There was a woman who altered classic ceramics with cool transfers - I've wanted to learn this for a long time!

I approve of this sign. This sign is me approved.

One Christmas I got not one, but two of these cat purses. TWO.

The organiser, Lou! Check out her  blog at and her Instagram at @ms_scarlett_shimmy! 

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