Santa Is Coming To Town


This is my Santa coat. I think you can see why. I always have to be careful wearing this or I will actually end up looking like a sad shopping centre elf (read: no bottle green with this... at all!). But I think it's really special and different. It's also a vintage item that I bought at full price, about 45 EUR, which is a lot more than I normally would.

I have no regrets, it's fun, it's cosy, it's comfy and gets commented on wherever I go!

I paired it with a Cop Copine mesh top, that frankly looked better on the hanger (the face got a bit distorted stretching over my stomach.... oh dear) but I thought the sallow yellow tones made a nice contrast to the burgundy red.

The trousers are ones I stole from Lewis. They're his office trousers but I've always secretly loved them, they're from Reiss and really luxurious feeling, fully lined with a silky synthetic fabric but with a dark grey checked wool shell that's really warm and cosy. They fit like a dream!

My shoes are a charity shop find, some obscure Italian brand, and also the only kitten heels I own. I have to admit I wear them rarely, simply because the geography of Newcastle doesn't allow much for mule-style shoes or pencil thin heels (no matter how short). Lots of hills and cobbles. So I whacked them on for this, but they do tend to live in my wardrobe.

Coat: Vintage
Top: Cop Copine
Trousers: Reiss
Shoes: Vintage

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