MEGA Thrift Haul: France!


1937 Marie Claire Magazine: 79p

It's not only that the car boot sales in France are so much cheaper than they are in England, but they are also less populated by people flogging exclusively discounted No. 7 products and veg (nothing against those, but the traders do tend to drown out smaller independent sellers a lot of the time in the UK, I find). 

The problem with car boot sales in rural France is that they generally consist of about three stalls, and you have to make a proper morning of it in order to see results (in case you can't find any sizeable events). Having said this, over the course of 3 weeks I've picked up a lot of good stuff which I am going to share with you now! I won't sell all of this on, a lot of it I like so much that I want to keep it. A lot of this stuff is also quite fitting of the French interiors style, so it seemed appropriate to display them in my room!

Decorative deer hoof: £3
I know there's some damage (woodworm) on the mount but the rest of it was in such immaculate condition I couldn't say no!

Vintage tomato-shaped kitsch casserole BRAND NEW: £1.58
I just love this so much, it's new and unused with the manual still in the bottom. I'm hoping this will sell based on novelty value as it has a bit of an Alessi design vibe.

1960s Hawaiian Fabric Cushion: £1.58
I may keep this for myself as it matches my bed pillows nicely.

Vintage cow handmade toy: 40p
Mum bought this little guy on cuteness value and he is quite damaged (eye missing, bit moth eaten) but he is an authentic vintage piece with some age to him. I might keep him as I wouldn't want to sell him for peanuts and don't know what the market is for this kind of thing when not in mint condition.

Green satin vintage belt: 79p
This turned out to be from quite a good German vintage brand and has a few watchers already at £15! It was in nearly mint condition with the only damage and wear on the underside of the belt clasp so I hope this sells for full prices.

Vintage tea towel: 92p
I bought this because I loved the colour palette, I have no idea what it's worth! Put it up for £6, so we will see.

1940s Tapestry: 50p
This caught my eye in the scarves and ties bin and I love it! I don't think I can sell it as I don't think there's much of a market for this anyway.

Vintage St. Michael placemats: 92p for all three
These were a real bargain and caught my attention because of how colourful they were. It's only half a full set but they may appeal to someone who likes Vintage, I have made money selling vintage St. Michael clothes before even though it's just M&S! So I decided it was worth a punt.

Handpainted swan cauldron: FREE
I have no idea what the origins or age of this item are, but it was so unusual that it caught my eye. We got this at a community project where they charged for roughly 50% of all items, and the rest were free. 

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