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I think that if we are honest with ourselves, everyone has a dash of Real Housewives in them. I challenge you to not love expensive leather bags and sparkly jewellery, even if you hate mainstream fashion and consider yourself  'way too edgy for that'. Real Housewives is a guilty pleasure for some, but the truth is, the status symbol is alive and well in today's society. Perhaps more than ever, now that men are getting in on the act with super high-end trainers endorsed by Grey Goose guzzling rappers.

All of the images in this blog post were shot by Marion Botella. Editing by my (highly amateur in comparison) hand!

This outfit was inspired by all of those things in a very lazy and obvious way. Dollar bill shirt, ponyskin leopard print heels (devilishly high and equally uncomfortable), 90s Vintage Versace inspired chain belt... All the tartiest nouveau money cliches around. And yet, it works, and I loved it and how tacky it was. ... but I was damn happy to get back into my comfy shoes afterwards.

This necklace is a vintage piece, with big gold metal coins and fake pearls.

The blinginess reminded me of the only good thing that came out of Brexit. In the week immediately after the vote, I spoke to some Chinese girls living in my building who were buying luxury goods in our local department store and selling them to back into China for profit because the pound was so low. Talk about every cloud having a silver lining! I may have been tempted to join in with them, had I the cash upfront to splurge on YSL and the faintest idea of who on earth I could flog them to... I'll stick to vintage for now. 

Scroll down to find out where everything in this outfit is from!

Sunglasses: Lou Lou's Vintage Fair (and no, Lou Lou is not me... I get asked a lot!)
Shirt: eBay
Belt: Vintage
Trousers: H&M
Necklace: Vintage 

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