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I'm running a bit behind on blog posts and the like, but it's been a really hectic few days;I've done lots of events, had a lot of meetings and had a total re-evaluation of how I get my business going. All in a few short days. So please forgive me for being so late!

I wanted to share some images from a Christmas Fayre I went to in Northumberland with my friend Susi. The cushions are all based on original artworks she created, and use the best quality fabrics and printing techniques to create what she describes as 'Art for the Sofa.'

I love the Christmas cards too, they are so different to the usual tacky designs of robins and snowy landscapes. Make a statement instead! The Madonna is one of the most Christmassy symbols around, if you want to get really technical about things.

Susi shows off some artisan made boxes. These are all handcrafted and they truly are works of art, they are made by an Irish expatriate residing in Florence and all feature stunning imagery that she curates herself. This box above has a trompe l'oeuil design, making it look like a traditional German Biedermeier chest of drawers. 

The soft lighting really made this digital art print, 'Bird In Hand' look gorgeous. I hope this time next year I'll be able to afford to buy one of these before they sell out!

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