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Another throwback post today I'm afraid - still getting through these French photos! We trekked to La Rochelle from the village because we heard there were German U-Boat pens that you could get up-close and personal to. I know, I always have to bring WW2 into things! Anyway, in the end we couldn't get near the submarine pens for security reasons (apparently the french military were reviving them for a secret project), but we did wander around the very pretty town of La Rochelle and I got some nice photographs, which made the long drive more than worthwhile.

I was initially thinking of cropping out the fellow in the red outfit, but I actually think it looks quite fun with the red chimneys in the background to the left!

Every french town worth a visit has an imperious gate entrance to the centre.

We sat on the marina with authentic crepes and just enjoyed a feeling of doing nothing. I can't remember the last time I was this relaxed!

There was also some fantastic street art. I know that some people probably get upset at seeing this time of imagery on such an old building but I think it adds character. This particular piece is just a paper image anyway so can be easily cleaned away.

A Jeff Koons style balloon dog! He was the inspiration for my first personal statement.

I love the combination of the grand doorway entrance with the almost electric green moss.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty."

Then I came back home to my lovely cosy little bedroom. Bonne nuit!

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