La Rochefoucault


Next and (nearly last) in my instalment of images from France come from the wondrous chateau of La Rochefoucault (Foucault homies say ayooooooo) and a war cemetery that we found on our way there. I know, war cemeteries don't exactly scream romance, but you know, I'm an unconventional person.

sIt was hard not to be moved by the gigantesque cross reading 'For liberty and for the greatness of the fatherland.' The carvings wrapped around the side of this stunning monument have an almost soviet feel to them, as the soldiers are celebrated in their ordinariness. 

The cemetery is built on different levels, giving the landscape a rolling/ undulating feel. This can only emphasise the incomprehensible death toll of the war, as paltry wooden crosses stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Above is the village of La Rochefoucault, a gorgeous little cluster of houses looked over by this chateau. The river runs through it, it all just adds to how quaint it is!

Sadly we weren't able to get into the Chateau to look inside as it was closed (after all, we are talking about France!)

Gosh I love a dilapidated shopfront. 

As if the shopfronts weren't dusty and 'vintage' enough, look at this classic car garage we came across on the way back!

I'll happily take one of these, thank you.

It truly was a 'palace' of automobiles.

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