The Stencil Library in Stocksfield


The Stencil Library in Stocksfield is a law unto itself: unashamedly eclectic and  each room has a different feel, theme and colour scheme, yet somehow it all works as a coherent whole in this small gem tucked away in Northumberland. Helen, the owner, kindly invited The Colour Group Great Britain Northern Chapter for a guided tour of the Library a while back, and I wanted to share the photographs on here as I know you will enjoy them.

Helen's husband is a celebrated artist whose pointillist pieces are painstakingly painted by hand, with no single colour featured on them being exactly the same. This Kate Moss portrait will be on show at the Colour Matters art exhibition on the 8th of November at The Newbridge Project Annex.

This organ frontage looks far more impressive in situ, it was difficult to show the scale of this piece with the lens I had on my camera, but it was certainly grand!

Every surface was stencilled with stencils from Helen's own business' collection. This pillow was a perfect example of thriftiness that I loved: The pillow was £2 from Primark, and the Swedish style florals were stencilled on afterwards, making it into a really unique and cute object.

The geometric kitchen floor looks fabulous against the prints the visitors were wearing!

Everyone should have a giant Jesus portrait in their kitchen,I feel.

Love the slightly boudoir feel of the kitchen, the tassel lamp is a particular favourite.

These gold panels are literally just foil, they are non-metallic! Again, this is a great example of how design does not have to be expensive to have impact.

I am obsessed with vintage signage but because of the whole American Pickers fad and the trend for industrial design their prices have shot up. So I probably won't ever have a collection of my own, but I did admire Helen's Shellmex shell and accompanying pug collection.

This little guest bedroom at the top had two small single beds opposite each other in a sweet little attic room, Helen said when her friends stay over it reminded them of the dorms they used to sleep in at school! It was less colourful than the other rooms but the oriental theme inspired by porcelain was very soothing.

Cuckoos and butterfly wings!

I really want one of these in my house to be honest. Gold koi carp all over the walls!

More stunning artwork on every surface. As you already know from my article about my friend Susi Bellamy's cushions and artwork, I love a good Madonna!

Okay now this was my favourite part of the entire tour - the dressing room! The maximalism of the stencilled walls, floral accessories and fabulous vintage finds looked good enough to eat in this technicolour attic.

Again with the vintage posters - I love how the colours of the rocking horse pick up on the colours of the poster.

I spotted a Marilyn Monroe in the bedroom! It's amazing how close up you can get to her before you stop seeing her face - her features are so distinctive and so engrained in our collective conscience as a society that she is unmistakable in all incarnations.

A pug handbag! Are you sensing a bit of a theme here?

You bet you can stencil clothing - these stunning 1980s Laura Ashley parachute skirts have been given an elegant botanical embellishment through stencilling. Less classic, more colourful and eye-catching!

I hope you've enjoyed these images, if you want to read more about Helen's business and interior design work you can do so on her blog. If you're in the North East and would like to book a guided tour, or even taked part in one of her courses, click here.

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As always, thanks for reading and make sure you leave any comments you have below!

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