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I am proud to say that our first (official) event as The Colour Group Great Britain Northern Chapter (that's quite the mouthful isn't it?) has been wrapped up after a successful exhibition and private view! We welcomed around 40 people into the Newbridge Project annex space, or that's what I counted when I was there, all with a common interest in creative practice centred around colour use.

Helen, who is married to artist and head designer at The Stencil Factory, Michael Chippendale, took to the floor to explain his technique. Here, she points out, the colours are not chosen for emotive purposes or because the artist feels a personal connection with them, but because they are the necessary 'jigsaw pieces' needed to create the photorealistic illusion of the portrait in our brains. In this way, his method is more led by  scientific method than the other exhibitors.

Above is a sculptural piece by Theresa Poulton, a fellow committee member of the Colour Group and one of my favourite artists in the North East. This piece is from a series of works called KHYAL, meaning imagination in Arabic. Theresa is an abstract geometrist painter, whose colours are chosen for emotive purpose. She is also careful to not repeat colours in her pieces, and therefore sometimes uses up to 20 layers of paint in one section perfecting the exact tone and texture she wants to achieve.

Susi Bellamy exhibited some minimalist colour block style photography. The clean lines and planes of colour provide a refreshing contrast to the rest of her body of work, that is texturized and often maximalist.

You can attend events such as these by joining The Colour Group by clicking this link. Membership is just £20 per annum, and I know I keep shouting about it, but it's well worth paying for a year of activities.

On the way out I had to snap this artwork, although it wasn't part of the exhibition. It was far too relevant. I can't bring myself to write about this week yet, but in time I might try and put my thoughts about the election result down in paper.

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