VIP Minigolf at Lane 7!


If there's one thing I like more than cheap things, it's free things, so when Lane 7 invited me to try out their brand new mini golf room (aptly named 'The Ball Room') I wasn't going to say no!

They've also got two regular bowling lanes alongside the mini golf in the downstairs area, plus a full bar, so really you could stretch it into an all night event if you wanted to.

The set-up is quirky and made of wood which has an artisanal, hipster vibe that I pretend to hate but secretly love. I've also heard really good things about the food available upstairs in the bar area, and if the tasters we were offered were anything to go by, the food is not to be missed!

Another great thing about the set-up is that it's long enough to take a decent amount of time without dragging on. It's probably something best done after work with a few colleagues, and still be at home by 9pm. This really appealed to my inner grandma personally.

I was not good at this. But you know what? I had a bloody long day, I tried, and I wore a cute outfit for it. It only gives me an excuse to come back and perfect my putting later on.

Can we also discuss how me this golf ball is? It's like the guy serving me at the bar stared into my soul and gave me a gold ball the colour of my aura. If auras existed, which they don't. #science

And don't leave without a poser picture on the golf cart! I like to pretend I can drive but actually my driving instructor just ghosted me so... this is as close as I'll get to being in charge of a vehicle for a while I think.

Fancy a game? Click here to go straight to the Lane7 website!

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