Week 3 Of Start Up Life. Send Food.


Hi everyone, just thought I would start regularly blogging again now that I am settled in my new house (in spite of loads of problems we are having getting things done... shout out to anyone who has ever rented in a student-dense area with crap lettings agents because I feel your pain!). 

Here's what I have noticed: blogging whilst setting up a business tends to fit into either one of two categories.

1. Here's a highly detailed and informative but dense and dull info-graphic about business that I've spent hours putting together as part of our content management strategy. What do you mean you haven't heard about growth hacking?! Have you been living under a rock for the past 20 minutes?

2. Entrepreneurship is a #struggle but by being a #bossbabe who practices #mindfulness, #lookinghotforinstagram and #havingdaddyscreditcard you can overcome these hardships.

I plan on being neither, in fact, please personally come round and pull out the plug of my beloved Lenovo computer if I start to sound like either of the above. The reality is that for aspiring entrepreneurs, there's a load of drivel out there online. I know this because I was so frustrated when I was starting out on this journey (okay, I just called it a journey, I'm sorry) and looking for informational and inspirational resources, all I could find were douche-y quotes overlaid on images of super cars parked in the driveways of tacky Miami mansions or wishy-washy talks about successful psychology.

Nobody seemed willing to come out and say what has become obvious to me after 3 weeks on my start up incubator.

Basically, no one knows what the hell they are doing.

Seriously. Even the successful early-stage businesses (that are already trading and hitting impressive sales figures) have no idea what the hell they are doing. It's just happening to work.

So why is everyone so desperate to look like they've got some sort of master plan? 

The truth is, that start ups are organisations that are searching for a scalable and repeatable business model or process that generates revenue. The 'company building' side of things comes in much later, but this is a distinction that few make. Start ups are called such because they are small scale, dynamic, and have no fixed or static structure (I would argue that no companies should remain static, but I mean this in a relative sense).

What's great about being on a pre-accelerator program is that I am with some people whoa re already successful (see the amazing and inspirational Creatures of XIX brand) but others who are just starting out, with an idea, a vision and little more concrete to show at this stage. 

Being with a range of people is inspiring because you can take comfort in knowing that you aren't the only one who hasn't got everything figured out (like my early stage colleagues) but being next to some trading companies makes you realise that IT IS possible (we asked one girl to keep on her 'kaching!' sales noise notifications in the office because it was spurring us on!) and yet no one here claims to have all the answers.

So we are 3 weeks in and this is my conclusion.

I'm knackered, my brain is scattered all over the place with appointments and to-do- lists and events and ideas, and I have roughly £40 in my bank account and only a solitary bag of spinach in my fridge... but I am loving every second and can only be grateful that I'm not on a soul sucking graduate scheme that I know I would be regretting right about now, as I scanned the internet for potential start up ideas in my lunch break...... So all in all? I'll be honest on here, this is my own space online, and not only share the successes because I want to create content that I would have liked to read. I hope it will be a welcome change from the usual start up blog read. But, whatever happens, please send some food, I'm starving over here.

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As always, thanks for reading and make sure you leave any comments you have below!

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