Bring On The New Year!


For me, the new year starts this September. Why? Because everything changes for me then; I am no longer a student and a I will be on the Founderships pre-accelerator stage incubator based at Newcastle University. It really means the start of a new chapter for me, in more ways than one, a time where I can really focus on my business and my ambitions, and myself.

I've realised that since getting sick for the first time two years ago, all of the treats I promised myself (a nice long holiday somewhere, a kitty cat, etc.) have never came about. As it happens, I won't go on holiday this year. And probably won't until next year. And it's annoying because I feel like I've been through so much and I really deserve to be able to buy myself a ticket to somewhere relatively far-flung and just enjoy myself for two weeks, but that's life - and I have to rationalise things by saying that the hard work now will pay off later on.

You could say that pursuing this business idea, that nobody wants to take seriously (because entrepreneurship in England is treated as little more than a pipe dream), is my way of treating myself. I didn't give into the pressure of applying to all the graduate schemes and went out on a limb instead. This time, I was lucky, it paid off.

It's daunting in a way, to actually pursue this business idea, but the framework of the University programme provides me with a space to test my ideas, and after 6 months I will be able to know whether the concept has legs or whether it needs to be laid to rest (but I'm determined it won't be).

Since coming to Newcastle I have loved being at University. unlike the first three years in London that I spent essentially watching Dinner Date and avoiding leaving the house. But the problem with higher education is you have a semi-schedule, which leaves you lacking discipline and routine. This, over the course of months, can get sort of irritating and frustrating. No two weeks are the same to the point that you end up craving some sort of structure! I'm pleased that this next six months will give me an insight into the 9 to 5 world (the University provides us with an office space) and see how things are.

I'll be blogging regularly about how everything is going for me, so do keep an eye on things, although probably now until the end of August I am going to be focussing on my dissertation thesis (only 6,000 words to go!)

Lots of Love x

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