What Babe Bible Taught Me About Online Selling


I had a little Etsy shop for a while that helped me to get rid off some cast offs. I had a lot of gorgeous clothes that just lingered at the bottom of my wardrobe and I felt this pressing urge to rehome them and give them to people who would truly cherish them.  I hope you can take home something from the list below of the main lessons I took from a few months of selling on Etsy!

1. Traffic doesn't appear out of nowhere
Traffic doesn't really flow organically to your website. And even if it does, the conversion rate (the amount of people who buy on your website after clicking through to it) is even lower than I anticipated, and I was very realistic with my expectations. I would be lying if I said I had found an effective way to funnel, for example, my blog readers towards my online shops, but I am working on it by including articles about my items available for sale on BuyMyWardrobe as I feel it is relevant to this blog's fashion content. Whether I have actually converted any blog views into sales however, is not something I can find out!

2. Vary your platforms for a bigger reach

Different types of people use different networks, so you can cast a wider net by using several social media platforms instead of just one. Buffer provides a very easy way to make this work - you can even use the same posts across several platforms, but they are guaranteed to reach a larger number of people.

3. Instagram is an extremely powerful marketing tool

I ended my Babe Bible experiment with over 1k Instagram followers, having done little more than post once a day for a couple of months, and follow accounts that I thought were in line with my target demographic. Imagine what this could have produce is used for a sustained period of time!

Model: Maya Colwell

4. Twitter is very difficult to get right
Twitter is so limited in it's scope (140 characters and up to 4 images) that is is incredibly difficult to get right. I did find that they best way to garner favourites and retweets was to tweet colourful and attention grabbing images, but text posts rarely got any attention or even clicks!

5. Visuals are SO IMPORTANT

There's a reason nobody buys from the tens of thousands of small Etsy crafters whose items are good-ish, but presented terribly. As everyone knows by now, we buy into experiences and aesthetics, not just products. Therefore if a product is poorly presented, we immediately associate it with being undesirable. Get your photographic visuals right, and you'll see many more sales happening. Three quickfire tips to make sure this happens:

  • Only shoot your products in natural light
  • Only shoot on plain or 'as plain as you can manage' backgrounds
  • Always use a photo editing tool afterwards to just bring up the contrast and brightness and get the colours popping a bit. Just be sure to not misrepresent your item colour-wise or you may get some unhappy customers!

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