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All images in this article are photographed by Gavin Forster and modelled by Kayleigh Falcus.

I hate to admit that I have an overarchingly negative view of Etsy sellers these days. I left the website because my listings were (I felt) being drowned out by low quality crafts and Chinese wholesalers claiming to be producing 'handmade antiques' for just 0.99 cents a pop. 

However, I recently met Vicky, founder of Tori Lo Designs and she reminded me once more why Etsy is a platform I had so much time and respect for in the past. It is businesses like hers, high quality handcrafted products, shot in beautifully curated locations and sets, supporting independent & creative local people that made us all fall in love with Etsy from it's inception.

Vicky uses leather and other natural materials to create sleek clutch bags, purses and even jewelry that are elegant without being overly dressy or try-hard. She effortlessly embodies the relaxed, bohemian vibe that is re-emerging in fashion at the moment and her prices are extremely reasonable given the process that goes into handcrafting every product.

The other thing I admire about Tori Lo designs is how well she has visually merchandised her brand - the photography is perfectly in line with the products and really puts them centre-stage, whilst also enlisting the help of stunning model Kayleigh to complement the accessories and demonstrate how they could be worn as part of an outfit.

I would pair the leather clutch with an otherwise colourful, print-clashing outfit and use the clutch as a block of colour to marry both prints.

You can find Tori Lo Designs on Etsy, and on Not On The High Street. You can also keep up with their day to day activities on their Facebook Page!

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