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'But I miss reading about your actual life!' Said Aled, of this blog, the other day. A fair point made - I've been writing a lot around entrepreneurship, interiors etc. at the moment because I'm so fired up about business (seriously there's no way to talk about being excited about enterprise without sounding like an arse). So I thought perhaps a quick update on my life was needed for those reading this blog because they know or (gasp) may even like me as a person.

I'm coming to the end of my Masters degree at Newcastle University and it has literally flown by. I cannot believe I have been in Newcastle for over half a year now, because it feels like a long-lost home I returned to after my shitty three years in London. I hand in all my assignments and do all my presentations in May, then I crack on with my dissertation (that is currently all about cultural policy, exciting!) until I hand in mid August.

The plan is then to, having saved up all summer, go on a blow out holiday that I haven't been able to enjoy for five years because of the baccalaureate, Uni, and most recently, being in and out of hospital. I feel like I deserve a long holiday somewhere further flung than Europe, and I am trying to tell myself that sometimes you need to spend a little to have some fun!

When I get home from that (hopefully), I will be enrolled on the Entrepreneurial Spark programme sponsored by Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland and KPMG respectively. I might be enrolled on something else too, but I haven't applied yet and I don't want to speculate so I'll keep that to myself for now.

Entrepreneurial spark is a business incubator based in the towring corporate RBS offices down by the Quayside and I AM SO EXCITED. They give you premises, access to networking events, mentoring and coaching workshops and they don't take any equity in return. The stats on their leaflet are promising too: 88% of businesses they help to start up are still trading 2 years later. Of course, that doesn't speak for whether they are profitable/sustainable but that's still way higher than the industry average for start ups!

ps. Abi and I are going to start doing a podcast where we interview bizgirlcrushes. It's going to be excellent and I don't think you want to see us disappointed so please keep an eye out for that!

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