Travel Diary: Cognac


I'll be doing a travel diary of photos for the next few weeks as I just got back this morning from Bordeaux via London! I'm totally knackered so won't be putting anything else up tonight but here are some snapshots from our afternoon in Cognac (a lovely place). I'm not great at travel posts and writing so I'll let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy and keep an eye out for posts coming up in the next few days!

We had our little car! (It was actually really comfortable and apparently easy to drive, despite looking like a little space pod).

The local park was beautiful, and the best bit was that they had a PETTING ZOO IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. Okay, the selection of animals was small (there were some goats and a chicken) but it doesn't stop the concept itself from being great. There were also some VERY noisy geese that entertained us for a while.

Look at that sunlight! And the blossom!

We found this little guy peering out at us from the bushes, but my darn camera focused on the wrong thing. I'm amazed I managed to get close enough to take this photo with my 18-55mm wide angle lens!

There was this imperious looking man on a pillar, I think he invented the typewriter or something? I forget, but I like the funky floral spiral around him anyway.

We actually located where the MPs got the idea for their grand duck palaces on the lake. Seriously, these were on a moat too, so there were definitely some parallels! Let's face it, if you had to be a duck, you'd want to live here. This is the Four Seasons of duck houses. No question.

The blossom really stood out so nicely against the beige buildings.

Loved this door, it looks like he's just poking his head out and saying "OHAI GUYZ"

And most of all.. the colours were unbeatable in the sunlight.

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