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There aren't many people that I've met in a more convoluted way than the talented Emily of Emily Eggz designs. It all started with a Mexican supper club, and then before I knew it, the techie I met there dropped us both into a Facebook chat together and said: 'You both like vintage clothes.... go!'

It was certainly networking under pressure, but I am glad it happened. Turns out Emily has moved on from clothing now to focus more on art, illustration and design.

Emily Eggz is an online shop (both on Etsy and on their own website) that specialises in the kind of feminist, humourous, intricately drawn images that you would love to receive as a gift (or give as one!).

            'Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry' - £5-£20

They would look right at home in a modern, eclectic space and have just the right amount of colour to not look gaudy. Emily and her partner, Michael draw and design each illustration and are inspired by absolutely everything to create quirky wall art but they also take commissions if you want something extra-special creating!

My personal favourites from the shop are: the wonderful portrait of Malala (I actually think it should be a legal requirement for every girl to receive one of these prints on her 12th birthday and for it to hang in her room just so it can put the "achievements" of the Kardashians into perspective)

And my number 1 gift pick is this poster about bibliophilia (that actually very much reminded me of fellow Brussels baby and blogger Sophie so much!)

I really cannot stress the importance enough of supporting young, independent freelance designers and illustrators like the incredibly talented and deserving Emily Eggz duo.

If we spend just a tiny bit more of our money away from the high street, the impact for the economy is huge, but the impact is bigger for those people who were brave enough to follow their own dreams and say NO to yet another graduate scheme or desk job. Just check out this article on the handmade economy if you don't believe me!

Comment below with your favourite independent designers and Etsy shops, I would love to see them!

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