What I Did In February


I finished reading this book, which in all honesty seriously made me question the meaning of everything for 90% of it. I read through this mainly on the train and just sat there thinking 'love is futile' from Newcastle to Reading (that's a five hour journey, folks) but it salvaged my nihilism at the end and made me cry. CRY. I have never read Jonathan Franzen before but I would highly recommend him - he's captivating without lots of flowery, silly language which I like.

Delicious snack: soft boiled egg in avocado, steamed spinach and a Bury (the best kind) black pudding (because iron.)

I went for a lovely lonely walk along the quayside on market day. It was glorious weather and it always reminds me how much I love this place.

One of my not so healthy lunches: baked beans, black pudding, fried halloumi and an egg covered in za'atar (a lebanese spice blend). It was delicious though and most students eat baked beans every day, three times a day so I didn't feel too guilty about it.

The 1901 cafe in Jesmond is super pretty, I had a delicious meal for lunch there but I wouldn't recommend the flapjack - too dry! They had a guy in painting a mural at the time and he nearly fell over at one points, the whole cafe had to breathe a sigh of relief and laugh nervously. It was all very British.

Hip Cat Vintage has closed down :( Not sure what happened or if it's just shut for renovations. If anyone knows I would love to hear about it!

I wore my vintage 1980s Iceberg two-piece out to town with a River Island persian rug print top.

My favourite golden lady clock looked lovely against the sky.

And I visited a friend here, it's probably the furthest out of Newcastle I've been in the area!

Someone on my course got me these adorable chocolates for Chinese new year! It was so thoughtful and the chocolate got me through a particularly dull lecture about research methods.

I went to Durham to see a family friend and didn't get to snap many pictures, so this pseudo-arty shot of the train station will have to do!

(I'm wearing a strapless top here just FYI hahaha) I tried a dramatic red lipstick tutorial and then was like no, I look too Kylie Jenner right now.

I visited Bunker Coffee which is next to Campus North (A tech incubator in NCL) and loved how pared down and recycled the interiors were. Also, the coffee was acceptable.

Speidi made this actual comment. ^^^^

The sky was crazy amazing one night walking home.

I subjected Al to a PDA in the lift after a night out.

We spotted this vintage industrial style sign in the salvage shop near me and drooled over it. #LoftApartmentInteriorsGoals

This beautiful dress came into my possession. It's going to be a hard one to sell on.

I posed outside Vamos Social, a fantastic latino themed space in the heart of NCL that really showed off the best Hispanic artists.

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