Uni Insta Food Diary


If you really care about what I'm eating, you can had on over to Instagram and follow me at @LouisagRogers for mouth watering salad pictures interspersed with selfies and colourful snapshots from my everyday.

Halloumi + Spinach + Avocado + Yellow Pepper + Mango & Chilli Dressing

Roast Pineapple + Sriracha Chicken + Avocado + Cucumber + Spinach + Red Onion

Fried Egg + Tarragon + Avocado + Piri Piri Seasoning + Flatbread

Wholemeal Bread + Fried Egg + Pepper + Seeds 

Coffee + My Business School Mug

Puyff Pastry + Bacon + Caremelised Onion + Thyme + Asparagus + Mushrooms

Portbello Mushroom Burger + Roast Yellow Pepper + Rocket + Tomatoes

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