The 5 Happiest Moments for a Photographer


1. Capturing a moment between a pet and it's owner
I didn't do many shoots of animals but this photoshoot with horses always stuck out as one of my favourites.

2. Capturing an adorable photo of your own beloved pet
Especially one that is cute enough to thrust under the noses of all your friends squealing and eclaiming 'WHO'S A PRETTY KITTY!!!!'

3. Always being the first port of call for birthday party photos
There's something rather awesome about being entrusted with capturing all the big moments of a birthday party. Think cake being brought out, candles, ensuing champagne...

4. Capturing candid moments between young friends
Before they are old enough to care about angles and selfies, getting pictures of kids is always refreshingly candid and fun.

5. And finally, always having great memories of a party, no matter how wild it gets
No one else might remember it, but you have it down in photos. Not always the most flattering, but definitely the best to look back on the morning after!

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