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As some of you may know, one of my main assignment at University this year is to create a business and being trading (hopefully!) under the Young Enterprise Scheme. The Young Enterprise Scheme was set up to encourage children and young adults to explore their entrepreneurial side under a safe legal format and runs programs everywhere from primary schools to Universities.

We sat down and tried to think of what kind of business we could set up: we didn't want to put in money up front and therefore wanted to focus on services rather than physical products that we would have to buy in, store and shift! 

The idea for a tutoring agency arose out of the massive need for recent graduates to obtain flexible but academically relevant work while they find their feet in the scary domain of graduate schemes and employment. Why work a few hours here and there waiting tables and put that qualification to waste when you would be happier giving your brain a work out and giving back to the student community you only recently left?

NETutors was born (after being called Mentoroo for a brief period, our website is still up at, despite a rebrand having taken place). NETutors is an agency exclusively based in the North East of England and focuses primarily on the students of Newcastle and Durham University.

Our tutors are screened for academic suitability and matches are carefully considered so students are guaranteed to get matched with someone they can work well with! We follow up on all our tutoring sessions and check in with pupils regularly, as we feel maintaining a symbiotic relationship is important, and any requests to desist tutoring activity made from either party will be taken seriously and not questioned.

We really believe that NETutors can promote value for each side of the tutoring partnership.

Graduates get to work flexibly with competitive rates of pay and no minimum working hours. They are also able to help struggling students from all backgrounds through the higher education experience and impart their knowledge onto those just starting out on their journey.

Students will be able to turn to their tutors for advice on a wide range of subjects, from the subject specific to general studentship skills such as time management and essay structure.

Meetings are encouraged in an informal neutral environment, such as a coffee shop, rather than an educational institution, to promote an atmosphere of friendliness, rather than rigid instruction.

So all in all, NETutors is all about tutoring the friendly way. We believe that too many students fear they will be penalised if they ask academic staff members for repeated help and would be more comfortable approaching one of their peers for general advice.

Based in the North East of England? If you like the sound of being a tutor in any subject area, or feel you would benefit from tutoring, please contact us at and we will try and get back to you within 48 hrs!

You can find general information about NETutors on our website, click here!

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