What I Did in January


January is normally quite a boring and bleak month, and I did not expect this year to be any different. Firstly, I was out of hospital in mid December and I'm still in pain from my procedure (we're getting there though, slowly but surely) and secondly, January is well known for misery. It's dark, it's grey, it's cold, it's wet - you don't have the promise of Christmas food to keep your spirits up and summer feels miles off. It's fair to say I was delighted with how mild our January has been up here, seriously! It's been practically autumnal everyday and has not snowed much at all. So I've managed to have an eventful January in spite of everything and wanted to share some of my snapshots with you.

The metro journey into Gateshead is so pretty, I can't get over it.

Sadly, once you get there, you are in Gateshead. I probably like it more than I should because I have a soft spot for delapidated pubs and boarded up shops because they make great photographic subjects.

But somebody did knitbomb the local church which livened the place up a bit!

I rocked layers everyday because of the totally unpredictible weather (super cold in the morning when you leave for Uni, swelteringly hot in lecture halls all day, then artic as soon as the sun went down again)

The bright blue skies did make a great backdrop for photos though.

And even though Central Station being closed half the time is driving me up the wall...

There's still plenty of little details around that cheer you up.

I wore one of my birthday scarves a hell of a lot (warm enough to keep my neck toasty but not itchy and woolly!) and I even came up with the perfect studying hairstyle in preparation for my first exam in three years....

I received another shipment of scarves from mum and dad that were gorgeous, as always.

Aled and I tried to take a nice picture together and sort of succedded?

I got this little Lion scarf from mum and I had to keep it.

Aled came to visit so we decided to award ourselves the title of....

I found the cutest Wetherspoons toilets EVER in a pub near Uni that we went to after our exam.

Seriously how boudoir-kitsch is that?!

I found a really cool mural in a classmates student accommodation that reminded me of the fashion illustrations I used to copy when I was younger...

And Aled and I made a Yorkshire pudding wrap when I went to visit him.

Oh yeah, that's right - I took the plane ALL BY MYSELF and I was only saying my final wishes once during the horrible turbulence on the way there. Luckily the free wine helped to calm me down. I find it works best when you drink it all in one go for rapid results.

I came home late to an abandoned Newcastle Airport which was cool and quite eerie.

Then Aled came up again and we went to this awesome cosy little bar....

And tested our selfie game in the lift.

We discovered a super cool hidden bar featuring Helmut Newton, Daleks and plastic flowers (it reminded me of home).

I tried one of these for the first time. Good lord. I reccommend.

I wore my M&S Jumpsuit and they responded to my tweet about it, which excited me more than it logically should have.

I discovered a secret corridor in Uni that was inadvertently artistic.

And I had a taste of home at one of the nightclubs.

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