The Big Etsy Seller Questionnaire!


SOOOOO my business adviser told me to start collecting market research at University a while back and I have had NO LUCK whatsoever! I have posted in groups, sent out surveys and gone round with a clipboard trying to speak to people (I don't recommend it!

Nothing was working so I thought... there has to be a better way to do this.


It's a few questions that any Etsy seller can answer and it will really help me in developing my idea. Every little helps so please forward it to anyone who may be interested and able to help!

Please note that all responses to this questionnaire will be stored safely and securely on a hard drive that is password protected and all responses will be kept anonymously.

  • What websites do you use at the moment for selling (eBay, Vestiaire Collective, Etsy etc.)
  • Why do you use these websites? (Easy to list, value-for-money, big audience etc.)
  • What do you NOT like about these websites, if anything?
  • How many items do you sell per month, on average? How often do you list? (1-2 times per week, every day, twice a month etc.)
  • Would you list more items if the fees/listing limits were higher?
  • What is the most important feature of the website for you as a seller (easy to use, quick to list, looks nice, personalisable profiles):
  • Do you find that selling online generates a significant slice of extra income for you? Or do you struggle to make decent amounts of money whilst selling?
  • Did you set out to make selling your fay job or is it just a nice little bit of extra income for you?
  • What is your preferred payment basis: commission per item, listing fee, paying for ‘premium’ listings, subscription to the selling platform?
  • If you were paying for a subscription service that allowed you to list 500 items per month, what is the MAXIMUM price you would pay?
  • What would encourage you to sign up to such a website? (Free trial - if so, for how long? OR would you expect a discount for a few months?) Would you expect to pay monthly or would you rather make a bulk 6 month or 12 month payment?
  • Why would you NOT sign up to such a website?
  • What is the biggest problem that you have encountered whilst reselling and how was it resolved? (Website taking the side of the buyer unfairly, problems with payment etc.)
  • Do you watch the Youtube videos of other Etsy sellers?
  • What specific types of thing do you sell the most? (Vintage dresses, sunglasses, scarves etc.)
  • Do you follow any of the sites you sell on on social media? If so which ones and which platform? (ie. I follow eBay and Instagram, and Etsy on Instagram and Pinterest).
  • Do you view your selling as a hobby or as a business/self-employment?
  • Do you also sell in a physical location (market stalls, shop, pop up shops) as well as online?
  • What do you LOVE the most about online selling?
  • What do you HATE about online selling?
  • If a new website appeared for selling, what would it take to convince you to try it out?
  • Do you participate in any Facebook groups about Etsy? If so, which are they?

Submit your answers here.

You can also take this survey if you want to help me further (and it actually takes 5 minutes, unlike those 'quick' surveys that you're still working through 30 minutes later!)

You can find me here:
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As always, thanks for reading and make sure you leave any comments you have below!

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