Susi Bellamy


I was in Whosit & Whatsit the other day in Newcastle when I came across some gorgeous collage prints. They were £60 apiece and I wanted the entire set as they looked so perfect hanging up int he shop all together! 

I looked at them, sighed, and decided I wouldn't be able to afford them before they cameout of the shop and something else was displayed in it's place. But then Al and I ate at Redhouse (great pies and mash in Newcastle if you live there by the way, and the best poached pear and plum cider ever!) and we passed by W&W again a few weeks later.

The prints were still hanging there. And they were slightly reduced. Not a crazy amount, but enough to make a print affordable to me.

I bought one right away! They are made by a talented local visual artist called Susi Bellamy, whose art ranges from the surprisingly stark and geometric, to the opulent collage designs seen below. You can check out her work here, or visit W&W at the Quayside in Newcastle.

(Oh yeah, she also does cushions, that are a little pricier but so unbelievably cool. I would love to have the set on my sofa in future.)

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