The Obligatory 2016 Goals Post


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  • Finish my MA Degree
This kind of goes without saying, but I included it because last October, I didn't think I would ever be going back to London to finish my degree, let alone get onto a postgraduate course!

  • Successfully get onto a Graduate Scheme / Find a graduate job
My post-uni panic has already firmly set in (yes, even though I'm not in education for another year) and I already have a folder on my computer called 'job-hunting' where I have saved hundreds of graduate schemes and organisations I want to apply to. Paranoid? Perhaps, but it has put my mind at peace a little that when the time comes to start applying, I will be able to access a bunch of websites at the click of a button.

  •  Double this blog's readership
I've already managed to take this blog from about 700 monthly views to over 3,000 a month simply by posting more, improving my blog pictures, and rejigging my blog layout into something simpler but more visually appealing. In one year, I would like to be aiming for around 6,000+ monthly views and build up a more dedicated audience. This is going to be a real challenge to undertake alongside education, but I know that I will always find time to write, and work on my personal projects, so I'm feeling optimistic about achieving this one.
  • Put my first vlog up on YouTube
I've toyed with the idea of vlogging for a while. I'm not sure if I am just biased against it because Niomi Smart does little to inspire me, but I felt the same way about blogging initially and I did let my prejudice hold me back somewhat. I don't want that initial feeling of hesitation to keep me from doing anything else! So I am pledging to make one vlog at least, just to see how it feels and whether I like it. The monetisation opportunities are there - and it would be a shame to waste my gorgeous HD-Video ready Canon camera...

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