My 3 Favourite Podcasts for Long Journeys


I've always been a big believer in never doing nothing (expect for sleeping or 'netflix and chill', of course...) but I get far too bored sitting around if I don't have something to be getting on with. I travel up and down the country because I seem unable to meet a boy who lives within 200 miles of me. This consequently means there's a lot of potentially wasted time sitting on trains and planes.

The solution? Podcasts.

Bear with me, I know that podcasts haven't really been much of a 'thing' since about 2010, as everyone has moved onto Kindle books and simply taking their tablets with them and watching movies, but I feel there are a lot of individuals and even small teams of people making interesting listening material.

Podcasts can be at best educational and at worst entertaining - BUT there is a huge wealth of creators out there and there's almost too much choice.


Here are my top 3 that make up the bulk of my listening material (well, that and french rap of course)

Just search for them in the iTunes store and they should pop up!

Womanpreneur is hosted by American businesswoman Smita Singh, and don't be fooled by it's pink and glittery cover photo - it's an informative and enjoyable listen for anyone starting up a business: male or female. It covers many areas such as marketing strategy and how to effectively use social media

BizChix is pretty much the same vein as Womanpreneur - it features lengthy interviews with women in the world of business. Again, this is a great listen for anyone who is confused about social media, how to attract clients and pageviews etc. Listen to this on your way to work or uni or whatever it may be and you will arrive feeling pumped up (or maybe you will just want to run in, shout 'I RESIGN and go and chase the entrepreneurial dream....) I also like to fall asleep to this one because it makes me feel really productive. Aled always berates me for this comment because 'sleeping is time for relaxing!!!' but the subliminal learning episode of the Simpsons must have stayed with me too long and now I can't sleep without the radio.

I always used to watch Click on BBC News, which is effectively a round up of current technology stories presented in a fun and easy to follow format. It will keep you abreast (ha) of changes in the tech and science sector - and whether that's relevant to your industry or not, you can bet that what's happening in that industry has an effect that is wide ranging and long lasting. It's segmented and super interesting, so even for someone who was never any good at science (me!!!!) it's the perfect way to consume science news.

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