MEGA Stock Drop for the New Year 2016 - Dior, Cerruti 1881 & Ashish!


Guys, I did a bad thing. I came out of hospital and basically walked straight into the shops, and went on a spree to make up for the fortnight I had been tied down in my bed, hemorrhaging money into the Hospital TV system (yes, turns out you have to pay extra for television in your hospital bed here - probably the first thing I have found about Newcastle that I don't like!)

I got some amazing finds and now I am passing on the love to all of you via my BuyMyWardrobe online shop. All the items are unique so once they are gone, they are gone!

So, here goes for my MEGA stock drop to set me up for the new year...

Vintage 70s Fine Wool Paisley and Poppy Print Scarf - £20

I want to remind you guys once more at the end of this almost *infinite* seeming scroll that EVERY SINGLE PRICE listed on here is firstly, a starting price, and some of them will come down if they don't sell in time - and secondly up for discussion. Send me any offers you have, no matter how ludicrous they sound via the integrated BuyMyWardrobe messaging system.

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As always, thanks for reading and leave any comments you have below!

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