French Interiors: Living Room Part 2


I had to take some more details of the living loom as it is changing and being added to every day! The horses are a new addition to the mantelpiece and I think they work so well - their camel brown colour perfectly complements the detail on the 'ancient greek vase' and the swirls in the paperweight.

I think we might need some more wine...

I've honestly no idea what material this lighter and (presumably) cigar box kit is made out of, but it matches the exposed brick wall perfectly and looks great in our 1920s style cabinet (pictured below).

Again, do you think we maybe need some more chocolate??

The fire place guards are pretty cool, they're sphinx-like and have little faces. I've had to darken in a bit to get the details to pop.

I don't even know if this is my first shoe. It's probably from a house clearance and is a random Belgian baby's shoe!

I've always been a bit freaked out by how huge this boy bust's head is - but I have to admit he looks rather nice flanking one of my mum's art works on the mantelpiece.

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