Brussels Junk Shops: End of Summer


If you've read this blog before, you will know that Belgium has THE BEST junk shops in the world. Well, as far as I can tell anyway! I always carry around my camera with me because I always see beautiful/hilariously hideous things that I want to be able to show people.

I've included in this blog post just some colourful and definitely quirky images from my Belgian junks shop visits over the course of the last summer (2015 that is). All photos have been taken on my iPhone so the quality isn't great, but it's such a hassle to drag my D-SLR around junk shops, so snapping things on my phone is ideal.

These kitsch painted mirrors are a dime a dozen in junk shops, but have a sort of saccharine charm.

Because one crucifix is never enough...

I found this MONTROSITY just sitting on the floor and had to take a picture. Because I think it is probably the worst piece of '#art' that I have ever seen.

Translates to 'No but, don't touch this you little *****', spotting it on the wall in one of the warehouses. I guess some colleagues got pretty tired of each other?

Watching bae sleep like...

I sort of loved this print of two storks, even though it's tacky and horrible and modern. I just think it could look good in the right place. Then again, I'm a qualified CLOTHES stylist, not interior designer :(

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