Brussels Junk Shops: End of Summer Part 2


I nearly bought this vase but then remembered I was trying to CUT DOWN on buying random things with no particular use.

I've no idea what the monstrosity on the left is.


Showed Mum this wall hanging as I thought she would be interested - turns out she had already been looking at it for a few months! Typical, we are so similar in taste. We decided to wait and see if the price came down because it was still about 40 EUR.

You will never be bored in a junk shop art section. Art from all across the spectrum can be found here, from fantastic, to crap, to 'surely this was a child' to 'whose home was this originally in? who would hang this up on DISPLAY?' 

Reproduction 'vintage' style chairs. Kind of cute. Maybe if I was opening a ironic diner I would have been tempted.

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