Boxing Day Stock Drop - Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti & Essentiel Antwerp!


I know, I should have held off on Christmas day with the whole 'productivity' thing. Unfortunately, when I look at my lovely stock sitting in it's box by my bed, all I see is dollar signs and I have to get them uploaded and listed as soon as I can. I suppose I shouldn't moan, with BuyMyWardrobe's new feature, they alert you when your items have been up for a certain amount of time, so if things haven't sold - you can go back and reduce the price! I thought it was a fantastic idea and emailed them with positive feedback.

You can check out any of the items below on my BuyMyWardrobe profile that now boasts over 100+ designer and vintage items all for sale at low, reduced prices. Just click on the title of any clothes you're interested in to be taken to the page. Just make sure you have a BMW account first or it won't let you through!

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