5 Easy & Creative Pose Ideas for Friendship Photoshoots


Shooting friends can be a lot of fun for photographers, amateur and professional alike. You do get an energy from close friends that is hard to imitate with professional models, or two people who don't know each other. All the images below are shot by me, and are pictures of 'real life' friends. I wanted to write a short post with some posing ideas for photographers embarking on this type of photo-shoot, because it's easy to get swept up in the fun of shooting a couple of best friends and forget that you're main aim is to get stunning pictures that they will have for life.

Cue some posing ideas from yours truly, do comment below with your favourite strategies for shooting friends - I'll be interested to hear what other people have been doing!

1. The Kiss
A cute and probably quite obvious one, but a kiss on the cheek goes a long way! Also, no air kissing.

2. The Piggyback

Be safe with this one, but this can make a really great image if it goes to plan (and even if there's falling off - you will get natural laughing shots immediately afterwards, I guarantee it).

3. The Trampoline

You obviously need some prior equipment for this one, but there's nothing quite like a trampoline for dramatic photos. Make sure your camera is on the fastest shutter speed, and expect a lot of out-takes, and you may snap an absolute gem!

4. The 'Throne'

Another pose that carries with it a tonne of outtakes. Still, it's something a bit different and a good way of getting a lot of people in one frame (#cheatcode)

5. The Matching Pose

Getting your subjects to all do the same pose a nice harmony in the image and allows their more subtle different features stand out. 

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