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So the Ouseburn Open Studios event is one that occurs, from what I can gather from social media, about every 6 weeks. Ouseburn is the 'shoreditch' of Newcastle, without all the horrible stuff that goes alongside shoreditch: 'gap yah'-having rich art students, bankers, coffee that costs £3.75 to go. It's an industrial area that would be terrifying if it wasn't for all the cute stuff going on around the place - From restaurants like Ernest to the big art galleries and showrooms like The Biscuit Factory.

The open studios offers artists the chance to open up their personal space to the public - and, more importantly, the opportunity for nosy people like me to go and investigate.
Artists are such an eccentric and varied group of people, how would you not be fascinated by how & where they work?!

The Biscuit Factory's gift shop offers quirky independent gifts that are reasonably priced, alongside larger & pricier works of art.

We organised a little school trip with some of my course mates, who are all interested in the visual arts, and basically spent half a day having interesting conversations, taking photos and ooohing and aaahhing over pretty things. 

Essentially - it was window shopping, with the knowledge that even though you may have wanted that painting, it was the price of your year's rent, but also without the guilt of knowing you were sacrificing your Saturday to consumeristic nonsense.

I highly recommend this event to anyone who is interested in either the arts or simply just in people (because if you want some quirky characters to talk to, they were all there just waiting to be asked questions!) 

A 'receptionist' at one of the underground photography studios. Apparently it was 'casual friday.'

Did I mention it is free and within 20 minutes walk of the city centre?

You're welcome. 

We started at The Biscuit Factory, probably the biggest site of them all. I had been here previously for Elevon's World's poor excuse for an event, but that had been held in the extension beside the art showroom, so I actually missed out on the main event!

Please note that as I was rushing around all day, I did not manage to document all the names of the artist's or the artworks that I photographed. If any of these are yours and I have not given you due credit please let me know! Because it is not my intention to misinform. You can find my email in the sidebar and let me know on there.

The first thing I wanted to gush over were these Alex Sickling ceramic animals. I just think that they are so cute and wise looking. I can imagine having several of them on a desk looking down on me, that would make me very happy.

Some gorgeous shots of messy studios coming right up....

It was like being at home again with all the strange, retro trinkets lying around the place!

And we got to sneak a glimpse of the artist whose studio it was at work - we probably disturbed the poor guy far too much!

'Song of the Goddess' by Linda Farquharson

I wanted this swan so much! Basically anything involving animal bones is a winner in my books.

Cool textures of the sea with some of the glass art. Yes, I was terrified of knowcking something down as I walked around with my bulky bag and massive camera.

'Mister Butterfly' by Peter Hallam

Pierre Williams ceramics.

Rowena Gilbert ceramic.

Judith Appleby painting.

Awesome jewellery made from reclaimed coins by Rachel Eardley. Damn these price tags! Maybe one day....

Also how cute is the packaging? A lesson in branding for anyone. Good boxes are powerful.

Then we walked to Cobalt Studios, obviously stopping for a photo op next to Ernest, with this neon door.

We found the coolest car ever outside Cobalt, which was only made cooler by all the art stacked up in the backseat.

Going into Cobalt in the middle of the day was super bizarre, as all the neon lights totally sucked out the natural light and any hint to what time it was.

I loved this little guy. I wasn't sure whether he was adorable or terrifying.

One of the studios at Cobalt (I think it was a couple's studio) felt more like an apartment. It was gorgeous, there was a mezzanine and big windows and the whole place was covered in perfectly placed, perfectly curated STUFF. Here you can see a pair of taxidermy bird wings on the side of the mirror - why does it work? I don't know. It just does. I wish I had gotten the names of the artists based here!

And last stop... Northern Print! It is an open source printing space that anyone can practise at. To be honest, I just wanted to steal the print blocks and use them as decoration.

Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was so long. But I always think it's nice to be given lots of images to look at in one go!

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As always, thanks for reading and leave any comments you have below!

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