Misha Tasha X Anastasia Tsybina


Back in Year 2 (those were the days!) my Russian friend Misha asked me to photograph her project. I always felt pretty flattered when people on my course or in the University asked me to be their photographer, because I don't feel like I had made any great work since I had been at Uni that proved myself as a decent photographer at all!

Misha's style is really awesome - more laid back than what I would go for, street wear cool, and VERY 'Opening Ceremony advertorial spread in Self Service Magazine.' I shot these images on 35mm and I prefer how these turned out to the digital 'back up' ones that I also shot at the time.

35mm always matches the griminess of London streets perfectly, and the graininess and blurred movement adds to the whole skater theme.

I hope you like these pictures, because I had a lot of fun shooting them in Holborn, London.

STYLIST: Misha Tasha
MODEL: Anastasia Tsybina
PHOTOGRAPHY: Louisa Rogers

You can always find my entire photographic portfolio right here

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