"From Arts Management to Cultural Management"


Next up in my series of posts about cultural management are notes on a paper by Patricia Dewey that explains the shift occurring in the cultural policy world as it moves from a very specified 'artistic' paradigm to a more generally inclusive cultural paradigm. You can access the full paper HERE.

- There has only recently been a need for efficient management in the cultural sector (in the last 35 years or so.)

- The changes forces within this sector are

1. Advances in technology

2. Globalisation

3. Demographic changes

4. The blurring between fine/commercial.amateur arts sectors.

- Arts administrators must understand and effectively harness the interplay between global and local arts practises and arenas. Art can no longer be understood from a uniquely local perspective.

- The world's arts and economies are changing from information-based systems to creativity-based systems.

- A recent development in this field has been an increased emphasis on the community role of the arts.

- European government subsidies in the arts have declined in recent years. This has pushed local authorities and national governments to seek out alternative and/or privatised funding opportunities.

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