Exploring Prestige Charente


Prestige Charente was more of a shop where they buy up unsold and liquidated stock, so it was an even stranger mix of stuff! The one thing I regret not buying were the beautiful books, but even so I'm not sure where I would have put them!

I had to snap some pictures of the stock there, it was all so thrown together!

I loved this headboard and thinks it looks SO expensive! The fabric is so detailed and feminine.

I thought these wine glasses there too, and I absolutely hate them but they're also quite wonderful. It is as though someone decided to decorate their bases with glittery post-wine chunder... How bling!

There's a beautiful french publishing house that creates the most beautiful book covers, and I found some at Prestige. As you can see, the books are basically works of art by themselves. We have some of these at home that we just have for display!

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