A (Slightly Cringe) Announcement


Lily and I discussing out fave #LushHauls (but not really)

Nope, not an engagement - don't worry mum!

I was joking around with my housemate Lily the other day and recording stupid parodies of vloggers (a la 'I bought this foam face wash from lush today. It's not a slop, it's a foam.') But it actually got me thinking seriously about the prospect of vlogging alongside this blog, which has done so well this year and gone from 4k views to nearly 16k in a very short space of time (that's quadrupled traffic yo!)

I don't intend to vlog a la Zoella, in a lifestyle sense, but I realise that what would seriously appeal to the readers of this blog are thrift hauls, vintage hauls and talk throughs of some of the great bargains I have found over the years. 

I initially held back on starting a blog for years, which was stupid, because I had this idea in my head that all bloggers walked around in BOY London caps and Litas looking unimpressed in floppy sunhats and as a result, I missed out on doing something that I really enjoy for a few years while I studied in London and really wasn't very happy. So anyway, I promised myself to never let my own prejudices prevent me from doing something that I think is right, and I refuse to be put off by the 'See My Yankee Candle Collection I Got For My 17th Birthday!!' videos that don't interest me, and focus on those that do.

So all in all, as much as it pains me to say - I will be attempting Youtube. I've read around and have been convinced that the monetisation opportunities are there for me in future, and I'm a big fan of creating multiple revenue streams, because a bit of cash on the side is never bad (I'm also preparing for a few long months of job hunting next year where my income may be zero if it wasn't for online resale and blogging!)

I'll be posting each video to here as well, so fear not, nobody risks missing out on me embarrassing myself!

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