The Tedious, No Quick Fix Way I Upped my View Count


There are plenty of articles out there on the blogosphere that tackle 'How To Get More Page Views.' Any blogger - amateur or otherwise, knows that traffic and unique visitors eventually translates into AdSense payments, and thus into cash.

Most articles reveal nothing new - and neither does my personal experience of how I began to receive more page views. The general consensus is that quality content, consistent posting and a well laid out blog will up your views - no surprises there.

I basically decided to adopt this strategy, except for I aimed to capitalise on having time off in between my degrees to post DAILY, even though some posts were less time consuming to write, and more image heavy.

The second step I took in my quest to up my views was to join Bloglovin', which now posts a attractive link to the post on my Twitter account when it is published (yes, even if the post was scheduled!) this directed traffic from my Twitter account towards my blog and crucially, directed people to specific articles rather than the homepage. This makes it easier to measure the popularity of specific posts, topics and writing styles.

After publishing each article, I made sure to share it several times on Google+ in the following days, which seems to have a positive impact on the amount of views, despite me not using the social network for it's intended purpose at all!

Finally I did change my blog layout to something that I consider far 'cleaner', with a consistent font and clearly defined boxes in the sidebar. I am also trying to be less embarrassed about sharing posts with the knowledge that people I know will read them - but it is hard to overcome that initial cringing sentiment, especially if like me you held out so long on blogging because of it!

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As always, thanks for reading and leave any comments you have below!

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