The Best Way to Showcase Your Photography Online (For Free!)


There are endless sites out there promising you a platform to showcase your photographic portfolio on. Surprise, surprise - most of them offer a limited number of uploads before they start charging.

I've basically lived on all of them for a while. I was a Flickr Pro when I was 12, I had a 4ormat website, I tried DeviantArt, Behance and even Blogger in search of the easiest and most aesthetic way to display my photography.

Unsurprisingly, the answer was under my nose all along - I was just convinced that I needed to be on a platform that was specifically created and marketed for photographers, or my images would not be 'maximised' in quality and presentation.

This whole time I had a Tumblr blog, which I used purely as a means to bookmark visual inspiration. I never thought it could be used for a photographic portfolio, I found the uploader to be tedious (you CAN upload in bulk but then they all form part of one 'set' of images in a post) and the themes to be fiddly and generally not suited to photographers, who need cleaner and more simple web page layouts to properly showcase their work.

BUT I then found a theme that I loved on a free theme website. I messed around very slightly with the HTML and made it perfect for me. I then decided to do a trial run of about 35 images, which I uploaded as separate posts without tagging them specifically. 

I LOVED how it turned out. It looks clean, professional and unfussy, and it allowed me to create easy links back to other webpages under the header.

I couldn't believe that there was a time I was paying 7.99 USD/Month for a 4ormat site, whose customization options may have been endless, but turned having an online portfolio into a task more like curating your own huge website.

Tumblr is FREE, and there is a WEALTH of free themes available on the internet for it today. The other huge advantage of Tumblr that nobody talks about it the UNLIMITED UPLOADS, or at least, I have ever hit a limit! The third is the ability for images to go viral that would otherwise not reach an audience, for example an image of mine currently has 12,000 'notes' (or reposts), whereas on Flickr I never had more than maybe 15 favourites.

To conclude, do not write off Tumblr as a platform to showcase your photography just because it isn't advertised as such. Remember that Tumblr is, after all, a platform for visuals and for people to share and spread those visuals - which may be just the boost your images need to gain you some serious online presence.

Click HERE to see and follow my (ever-growing) photographic portfolio on Tumblr!

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