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I never went to business events in London, for several obvious reasons. 

If you don't know what those reasons are - here's a run down:

Business Events in London [What to expect] Scenario 1

  • - Lots of haughty people in suits, slash women in beautiful 'business casual' clothes that you just know cost a fortune.

  • - Expensive vending machines selling gluten free muesli bars for £1 a pop

  • - Business jargon. Terms like 'growth hacking' are thrown out and no one admits they have no idea what that is.

  • - You will feel a little stupid for turning up without 10 developed apps under your belt. Sneak out during the Starbucks and vape break.

Business Events in London [What to expect] Scenario 2

  • - A very nice hotel with conference rooms

  • - Everyone is really friendly and pumped up

  • - Everyone is dressed pretty casual.. wait is that guy wearing a YOLO snapback?

  • - You're at a Pyramid Scheme Recruitment Event. Get Out.

So as you can see, neither of these are ideal as a young and inexperienced aspiring businessperson who knows enough to not be totally foolish, but not enough to be confident about what they are doing. This is why I was feeling worried about attending similar events up north.

my business start up story, accounts, book keeping, small biz

I woke up this morning and all I could think was 'I am so tired. I do not want to go to this book keeping workshop.' The event was organised by PNE Group and was totally FREE, I came across it on Eventbrite while searching in the area and thought 'well, that's the kind of thing I should be going to.'

So I forced myself out of bed, reminding myself that business is all about being outside your comfort zone (#inspirationalquote). I had no idea how intimidating or professional the whole affair was, or how many people had RSVP'd, but as it was only a 5 minute walk away I would have felt foolish not to turn up.

I am so glad I went!

Here is what to expect from business events up north (if this one was anything to go by!)  

  • - Free tea and coffee with novelty mug of your choosing (I got a cat one, obvs)

  • - Everyone is giggling about how useless they are at business, jokes about tax returns, general self deprecating banter.

  • - At this workshop, sex jokes were made, political jokes were made, sarcasm was expressed. And guess what - nobody batted an eyelid. In fact, it helped us to move away from polite small talk, and I felt like I was hanging out with friends by the end of the three hours.

  • - To actually talk to people about their lives and business and how they cope.

  • - The workshop was actually meant to go on for just an hour, but lasted 3. Nobody had anywhere to rush off to! People took their time to reiterate things! People asked questions about the most basic things!

I came home and I was EXCITED to log on to Excel (an impulse I have never had before) and get cracking on some spreadsheets (trust me, it was a weird feeling) but the team at PNE made me feel like it wasn't anything to worry about, as long as you stay organised.

If you are in the north-east of England and thinking of starting up, I recommend checking out their events no matter what stage you are at! You can find their events on here.

Have you got any experience with free business events, or even the paying kind? Where were they, and did you gain anything from them? I would love to hear about it below!

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