French Interiors: Master Bedroom


I've decided to stagger my posts about our interiors in our French home because there are so many potential posts in there and they are really nice images! So I am going to be posting one monthly, to really spread things out.

This post is all about the master bedroom, that is decorated in quite a feminine and floral way, without beinfg too 'frou frou' (ie. frilly and overly decorated). You may recognise, for example, these Limoges pill boxes from a thrift haul I did last time I came down to France.

The curtains are made from material salvaged from Oxfam, which goes to show that you should always check the fabrics section, even if most of it just looked like old used duvets (ew!)

There IS a soft toy collection going, which I won't complain about because I absolutely love cuddly things (trust me - I have had a hard time giving away soft toys over the years). My favourite is the little white llama that we found at a charity shop in Belgium - I just think he is so adorable.

I love these retro style screen print pillows and think the greyish tones look great against the pale green bedspread.

As you can tell from these images, the colour palette is quite pastel based which looks nice against the very dark floors and stark white walls. The fact that the walls are so bare really allows for an exploration of print and detailing in the soft furnishings and fabrics. which all adds to a very feminine and delicate ambiance.

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