Exploring Emmaus


Yesterday we went to two different charity shops after lunch. The first was a HUGE (and I mean huge!) complex of several barns called Emmaus, which has separate rooms and areas for homeware, jewelry, books, baby clothes, retro (sadly the retro section was closed when I was there but mum says it's quite overpriced anyway).

I didn't buy anything at either places, which is quite rare for me, but there were a tonne of amazing photo opportunities so it was not a wasted visit. I just love all the really kitschy tacky stuff - I wonder what kind of home it could have come from originally!

The prosthetic leg section - yes. Section.

I also came across this snowboard which could ALMOST convince me to take up extreme sports (just kidding, I can't. on surgeons orders, I swear!) But it's pretty cool.

I did have to resist buying this lamp which for reasons I am unsure of even myself reminded me of Sesame Street.

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