10 Easy Vlog Ideas for Fashion Thrifters


  1. Vlog a trip to your favourite/most reliable thrifting location
  2. Vlog a trip to a car boot sale
  3. Vlog a trip to a brand new car boot sale or thrift shop
  4. Record a video about your 5 best bargains of all time, include original prices and estimated RRPs or valuations.
  5. Style a thrift outfit and add up the total cost of the outfit
  6. Do a walk-through of your closet
  7. Style a thrifted vintage outfit for a particular style of decade (20s, 50s,70s etc)
  8. Vlog a thrifted item of clothing being styled three different ways (party, casual, work for example)
  9. Vlog a pop-up shop or swishing party you hold for your friends and family
  10. Do a top 10 of your weirdest/quirkiest thrifted clothing and jewelry items.

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